News: Another Tech Company Pulling Back From Russia

Since the Russian army invaded Ukraine on 24 February, the world’s biggest companies have abandoned their operations in Russia. Many western companies including tech giants Google, Meta, and Microsoft have cut their business ties with Russia.

On August 27, Dell announced that they had ended all operations in Russia. As part of this decision, all official Dell stores in Russia were closed. For now, it is unclear how the services will be provided to customers in the country. However, Dell can work with another company in Russia and refer its customers to this company.

According to Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Vasily Shpak, Dell employees received work offers from other tech companies in Russia. Speaking to TASS news agency, Shpak said, “According to our data, Dell’s St. “The vast majority of Research and Development center specialists and support engineers in St. Petersburg and Moscow received job offers from Russian companies at competitive wages.”

The Western companies trying to continue their business in Russia are struggling day by day. For example, Google was accused of spreading fake news and fined $370 million. Companies such as Twitch, Pinterest, Airbnb, and UPS are required to store user data in the country.

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