How to Block Calls on Telegram
How to Block Calls on Telegram

How to Block Calls on Telegram?

How to restrict voice and video calls on the Telegram app? How to stop people from calling me from Telegram? How can I enable or disable Telegram calls? How to turn off video and voice call on my Telegram account? In this article, we will show you how to block calls on the Telegram application. Here are the details…

Did you know that the Telegram app has a setting that can be used to manage video and voice calls? As you know, Telegram lets users make a voice or video call to other Telegram users for free. However, you may not want to use this feature or disable it from time to time. Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram users can easily block calls via the settings menu on the application.

Telegram offers an alternative way to stop unwanted calls by restricting calls only to your contacts. If you select this option, only the people in your contacts list can make calls. That’s because anybody can call you on Telegram including strangers. Privacy is one of the most important things in social media networks and instant messaging apps. This is why double-checking the privacy settings can be crucial.

Turning off the calls feature on Telegram is simple. It can be done through the privacy and security settings menu on the app. When you restrict people from calling you from Telegram, other people will not disturb you when you are busy. For example, if you are tired of people who call you in the middle of the night, you can disable this feature when you go to bed and reactivate it when you wake up.

If you don’t want to receive video and voice calls on your Telegram account, you can completely disable it. On the other hand, you have the option to allow incoming calls only from your contacts. No matter the reason, you can easily adjust the settings and turn off the calls on the Telegram app. Here is how…

How to Disable Telegram Calls?

To stop people calling you from Telegram;

1-As a first step, launch the Telegram app on your smartphone. Make sure that you logged into your account.

2-Tap on the three dots icon from the top left corner of the screen.

3-After that, go to the “Settings” option from the menu.

4-Scroll down and navigate to the “Privacy and Security” section.

5-In this page, tap on the “Calls” option under the Privacy settings.

6-Here, you can choose who can make calls to you on Telegram. Select “Nobody” to completely turn off the calls on your Telegram account. If you want to receive calls only from your contacts, choose the “My Contacts” option. If you select the “Everybody” option, everyone who has the Telegram app can make calls to you.

Once you are done with changing the settings, you can close the Telegram app.

In this article, we wanted to show you how to block video and voice calls on your Telegram account. You can tell us all your technical questions or problems about the subject in the “comments” section below. | All about technology…