How to Change Wallpaper on Mac?

How to change background on a Mac ?

Mac users can customize their computers as they wish. Apple allows users to change the appearance of their device according to their own preferences. Themes (light or dark), font and icon sizes, wallpapers are the main features that users can change according to their preferences. Users can adjust the appearance of their device according to their own preferences.

Mac users often choose to change their device’s background. Many users prefer to have background that suits their colors and visual tastes on the device they use. This is also a very normal situation. There is a color that everyone loves all over the world, and some love complexity while others love simplicity. Accordingly, users apply their preferences on their devices.

In addition, some users prefer to put pictures of themselves or people they know (friends, children, lovers, etc.) in the wallpaper part of their device.

Apple offers all of these to its users. Apple allows users to change the background of their devices at any time with the options or pictures available on their device (photos taken, downloaded pictures, etc.).

Want to change the background on your Mac? You can choose an Apple image or one of your own photos. There are many options to choose from. Let’s find out how to change your wallpaper on a Mac.

How to Change Wallpaper on a Mac ?

1- To get started, open the ‘’System Preferences’’ from ‘Apple Menu’’.

2- Next, click to ”Desktop & Screen Saver” in System Preferences.

3- Then, click on the type of wallpaper you want to use. 

* Desktop Pictures, Colors or Photos.

4- After, select a wallpaper you want to use.

5- Finally, close the system preferences after choosing wallpaper.


If you have any issues with changing wallpaper on a Mac, let us know in the comments below!