How to Delete Apps on iPhone ?

How to delete apps on my iPhone device ?

iPhone users can download a lot of apps on App Store. There are millions apps in App Store. If your phone’s memory is enough, you can download all of them. 🙂

People usually can find fun or useful apps in this market and they download it. Generally, all iPhone users have some applications. There are like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, YouTube and Banking Apps etc.

These applications are indispensable for us but sometimes we don’t need or use this apps on our devices. So, we want to delete some applications on our phones.

Deletion process is very simple on iPhone. You can delete apps with three ways.

Way 1: ”Delete Apps from the Home screen”
Way 2: ”Delete apps in Settings”
Way 3: ”Delete apps in App Store”

You can delete Apps with the above 3 ways. But we will show that just first way because first way is the easiest way to delete.

Let’s find out now.

How to Delete Apps from the iPhone Home Screen ?

1- Touch and hold the app.

2- Tap ”Remove App”.

3- Tap ”Delete App”, then tap Delete to Confirm.

Very easy to delete an app on iPhone. Which apps you want to delete, you can delete this way.


If you have any issues with deleting apps, let us know in the comments below!