How to Delete Bookmarks on iPhone Safari?

How to delete favorites on the Safari browser? How to delete saved bookmarks on the Safari app of iPhone? How to remove or edit favorites on Safari? In this article, we will show you how to delete bookmarks on Safari, Apple’s internet browser. Here are the details…

iPhone users have an excellent internet experience thanks to Apple’s own internet browser, Safari.

In addition to speed and security, Apple offers many functional features to its users in the Safari internet browser. Although features are available in almost all browsers today, Apple provides some convenience to its users in terms of the use and accessibility of these features.

One of these features that Apple provides users is the possibility to add our favorite sites and most frequently visited sites to the bookmarks list on the Safari browser. With just a few steps, users can add their favorite sites on the bookmarks list in the browser, edit them and delete them easily whenever they want.

With the help of this simple process, users can now access these sites with a single touch from the home page of their browser. While you are using Safari browser on iPhone, you can bookmark your favorite sites and open it easily.

However, some users know no limit when it comes to adding favorite sites to the bookmarks list. Many users add pages they like or want to view again in their bookmarks. Thus, there are many sites in the bookmarks section. For this reason, users apply the process of editing and removing (deleting) their bookmarks on the internet.

So how is this process done? How to delete or edit bookmarks from Safari on iPhone? In this article, we will show you step by step how to delete and edit bookmarks on the Safari browser. You can delete bookmarks on the safari internet browser on iPhone by following the steps below.


To delete your bookmarks in Safari, Apple’s own internet browser;

1- First, open the SAFARI internet browser.

2- Tap the icon that looks like an open book at the bottom of your Safari internet browser.

3- Then go to the bookmarks page by touching this open book icon from the page that appears. Then tap on the “Favorites” option on the bookmarks page.

4- Here you will see all the websites you have added to your favorites in your browser. Here, swipe left with your finger on the bookmark you want to delete and tap the “DELETE“. Then that site will be removed from the bookmarks.

NOTE: If you want, you can also do this by clicking the “Edit” on the lower right corner of the bookmarks page. You can also sort your favorite sites in the editing section.

NOTE: You can also delete your favorite sites from the main screen of your browser. Press and hold the bookmark for 2-3 seconds and then tap “delete”. 

It’s that simple.

In this article, we wanted to show you how to delete the bookmarks on iPhone Safari browser. You can tell us about all your technical questions or problems on the subject in the “comments” section below. | All about technology…