How to Hide Likes on Other Instagram Accounts?
How to Hide Likes on Other Instagram Accounts?

How to Hide Likes on Other Instagram Accounts?

How to hide likes on other people’s Instagram posts? How to turn off Instagram likes on other accounts? How can I hide the number of likes on other Instagram profiles? In this article, we will show you how to hide likes on other Instagram accounts. Here are the details for you…

October 6, 2010, was one of the most important dates of today’s tech era. On October 2010, the Instagram iOS app was released on the App Store. Back in those days, it was available only for iOS devices. Instagram was rocking because just in months, the Instagram app reached over one million registered users. 2 years later, on April 3, Instagram was officially released for the Android operating system.

It started as a simple app that allows its users to share pictures. Just in a few years, it has grown tremendously, and the number of Instagram users was increasing day by day. There have been so many changes since it was launched in 2010, and the app has received so many updates. Time has not only changed the way the app looks, but also it has changed the way how people use Instagram. 

Nowadays, Instagram is not only a photo-sharing platform. Billions of people use Instagram for different purposes. Many people use Instagram to share videos from their daily life, stalk ex-partners, post their favorite quotes, celebrate the victory of the football team, and even sell something on the platform. 

On the other hand, some people call themselves an influencer on Instagram. These people love to share what they do from morning to evening. Because of these people, the number of likes on the posts has become a way of measuring success. The more likes you get, the more popular you are. 

Unfortunately, this is the competitive side of the social media network. When it comes to competition of popularity, Instagram is leading the industry. According to a statistic that was held in 2019, %70 of Instagram users are tired of the competitive side of Instagram. Many Instagram users were demanding Instagram remove the likes on posts. 

Finally, it is now possible to hide the number of likes on Instagram posts. Thanks to the latest update, you can easily turn off the likes count feature on the application. If you want to hide the likes on other people’s Instagram posts, you are in the right place. By following the steps below, you can simply stop like counts on your Instagram feed. Here is how it works…

How to Hide the Number of Likes on Other People’s Posts?

To hide the likes on other Instagram accounts;

1-Launch the “Instagram” app from the home screen of your device.

2-Tap on your “Profile” icon from the bottom right corner of the homepage.

3-Click on the “menu icon” from the upper right and navigate to “Settings”.

4-Choose the “Privacy” option.

5-Hit “Posts”

6-You will see the “Hide Likes” and “View Counts” sections, toggle on the button next to these options. 

From now on, you will not see the like counts when you are scrolling through your Instagram feed.

In this article, we wanted to show you how to hide like counts on other people’s Instagram posts. You can tell us all your technical questions or problems about the subject in the “comments” section below. | All about technology…