How to Make Dollar Sign on Keyboard ?

How to make Dollar Sign ($) on keyboard? How to type the Amerikan currency sign $ on the keyboard? How to make Dollar sign ($) from the keyboard? In this article, we wanted to show you how to make the Dollar ($) sign on the keyboard of your computer. Here are the details..

There are around 100 keys on average on computer keyboards. Most of these keys on keyboards are letters and number keys. In addition to the letters and number keys, the keyboards also have many sign and function keys.

While some of the sign and symbol keys on the keyboards are located on a single key, the majority of them are located on the numeric keys, which are located in the upper part of the keyboards. 

Signs (more punctuation marks) on a single key on keyboards can be created in a practical way. The symbols and signs on the numeric keys on the upper part of the keyboards are created with certain key combinations.

The majority of the signs and symbols on the keyboards are usually created with double-key combinations. The keys used in the key combinations made to create these signs are usually the keys with the symbol related to “Shift” or “Alt gr” keys.

In addition to all these, hundreds of signs and symbols that are not seen on the keyboards can be created with certain key combinations from the keyboards. These signs are usually money currencies of the world, mathematical signs etc.

The Dollar ($) sign, that is the sign of USA money, which is the main subject of this article, is one of the symbols that are created with a certain key combination from the keyboard. In the Windows operating system, we can create this sign in a simple way with a certain key combination from the keyboard. Now let’s look at how to make the Dollar ($) sign on the keyboard.


You can simply create the Dollar ($) symbol on the keyboard with a certain key combination. The key combination applied to create the DOLLAR ($) sign is as follows;

Dollar ($) symbol: ” SHIFT + 4 ”

In order to create the Dollar ($) symbol on the keyboard;

Hold down the “SHIFT” on the keyboard and press the number ”4” at the top of the keyboard.

With this key combination, you can simply create the Dollar ($) sign in text content.

NOTE: If you want you can create this sign in different ways. Let’s take a look at the other methods below.

2. Method:

You can also access the yen symbol from the Windows Character Map. In order to copy the Dollar ($) symbol from the Character Map application;

1- Firstly, run the ‘Character Map‘ application of Windows.

*You can find the character map application by searching in the Windows search section and open it.

2- Secondly, you need to find the Dollar sign in the application. You can find the sign by looking one by one, or you can search for the Dollar ($) sign from the UNICODE GO section in the application. In order to find the Yen sign you can type ”0024” 

3- Finally, select the Dollar ($) sign and copy the sign by pressing the ‘copy‘ button in the application. Then paste this mark into the relevant text content you want to use.

The process is very simple. You can also find many signs and symbols with the help of this application.

3. Method:

You can use the copy paste method. You can simply copy the ($) sign here and paste it wherever you want to use it. 

All you have to do is copy the sign from here and paste it into the relevant text content.

This is also another method for you.

In this article, we wanted to show you how to make Dollar sign on the keyboard of your computer. You can tell us all your technical questions and problems about the subject in the “comments” section below.