How to Mute Someone on Instagram
How to Mute Someone on Instagram

How to Mute Someone on Instagram ?

How to mute someone’s posts and stories on Instagram? How to mute an Instagram user’s posts? How to mute someone’s stories on Instagram? How do I mute a person on Instagram? In this article, we will show you how to mute someone on Instagram.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks in the world, along with Facebook and Twitter. Instagram has millions of users from all over the world and it continues to increase the number of users day by day. Instagram is owned by Facebook.

Users can share photos and videos on their Instagram accounts, and get likes and comments on these photos. In addition, people can share stories which is the form of a short video. Besides, many people use Instagram as an instant messaging app. Instagram allows its users to direct messages.

Instagram is very popular all over the world and it continues to add new features to its application with the new updates it has made. These updates increase the functionality of the applications and provide many opportunities to the users.

We all love to use Instagram and go through posts and stories of our friends. However, there are some people on Instagram, who post thousands of stories and photos on Instagram. You can not unfollow or block that person because this will be impolite. 

On the other hand, there are always some old relatives who keep posting about politics and conspiracy theories all day long. Blocking or unfollowing is not a good way to solve this problem because the next time you meet your old relative, you will find yourself in a weird situation trying to explain why your relative can not see you on Instagram.

Instagram offers a really good solution if you are in this kind of situation. You can simply mute your friend’s posts and stories and you will no longer see his posts on your feed. You will still be able to get direct messages from him and you can still see his posts by visiting his profile

Thanks to one of the latest updates of Instagram, we can now mute an Instagram user’s posts and stories without their notice. By doing this, you will not see any post or story of that person. The best thing about this feature is your friend will not be aware of it and you will be still following each other. Once you mute a particular user on Instagram, anything that person posts on Instagram will not appear on your feed. 

In the next paragraphs, we will explain to you how to get rid of those endless photos and stories by someone on Instagram. By following the steps below, you can easily mute someone on Instagram and you will remain a follower.

How to Mute Someone on Instagram?

In order to mute someone’s posts and stories on Instagram;

1-Firstly, launch the “Instagram” app from the home screen of your device and make sure to log in to your Instagram account.

2-Go to the profile of the person you would like to mute.

3-Tap on the “Following” button near the top of their profile picture.

4-Click on the “Mute” option from the pop-up menu.

5-You will see two options on the screen, posts, and stories. You can mute the person’s posts and stories by toggling on the options.

As you can see, it is super easy to mute a person on Instagram. They will not notice that you have muted their profile because Instagram does not send any notification. You will still remain a follower. From now on, you will not see their photos and stories on your Instagram feed. 

NOTE: You can simply unmute someone by applying the same method. All you need is to switch off the posts and stories options on their profile.

In this article, we wanted to show you how to mute a person’s posts and stories on Instagram. You can tell us all your technical questions or problems about the subject in the “comments” section below. | All about technology…