How to Rotate Computer Screen in Windows?

How to flip your computer screen in Windows? How do I rotate my laptop screen? How to rotate the screen in Windows? How to rotate a laptop screen? In this article, we will show you how to rotate your computer screen in Windows operating system. Here are the details…

Have you ever seen someone using the computer in portrait mode? It sounds quite interesting, right? Windows operating system has an interesting feature, but it is not known by many users or it is not needed even though it is known. This feature is the ability to change the screen orientation in Windows, in other words, to rotate the screen.

For example, if you are tired of reading long Twitter feeds, rotating your computer screen might help you. Maybe you are working as a graphic designer on a project and you need a look at your project in a different view on your screen. 

Most of the time computers work perfectly in normal mode. But sometimes, changing the position of your screen can increase your performance when you are working on your computer. You do not need extra software to rotate the screen of your computer in the Windows operating system. 

Maybe you just click the wrong keys on your keyboard and your computer screen is stuck in portrait mode. This situation is not so common but it is quite frustrating if you do not know how to rotate your computer screen to standard mode. If you ever face this kind of problem, don’t worry, the solution is quite simple.

You can flip the screen of your computer back to horizontal mode with the key combinations you apply from the keyboard of your computer. If you wish, you can rotate your computer screen in any direction you want.


You can flip your computer’s screen to any direction (right, left, portrait, horizontal (standard) whenever you want by using the rotation feature in Windows operating systems. You can apply this process in all Windows versions of Windows 7 and above. 

In the following paragraphs, we will explain this process with keyboard shortcut keys, which is the most practical and simplest way to flip the screen in Windows operating systems.

If you wish, you can change this feature from your computer’s display settings, but the process you will do from there is a little more difficult than this. The choice is yours. Now let’s see how to rotate the computer screen.

You can flip the computer screen by pressing three keys on your keyboard.

These keys are: “CTRL + ALT + Arrow keys

To rotate your computer’s screen in the direction you want, while holding down the CTRL and ALT keys together, press the Arrow keys to flip your screen to the direction you want.

  • Hold down and press CTRL + ALT + LEFT ARROW keys to flip the screen 270 degrees(portrait mode).
  • Hold down and press CTRL + ALT + RIGHT ARROW keys to flip the screen 90 degrees.
  • Hold down and press CTRL + ALT + DOWN ARROW keys to flip the screen 180 degrees(upside-down).
  • Hold down and press CTRL + ALT + UP ARROW keys to flip your screen back to the default position(horizontal).

When you press these keys, your screen will flip in the direction you wish.

NOTE: If you wish, You can also use 2 key combinations other than the previous method. This 2-key combination is Alt Gr + Arrow keys. You can use both methods.

In this article, we wanted to show you how to rotate the screen of your computer in Windows operating systems. You can tell us all your technical questions or problems about the subject in the “comments” section below. | All about technology…