How to Turn off Keyboard Click Sounds on Apple iPhone ?

How to turn off keyboard sound on iPhone? How to enable or disable keyboard click sound on iPhone? How to turn keyboard sound on and off on iPhone? In this article, we are going to show you where and how to turn off the keyboard click sound on iPhone devices. Here are the details..

When we type something with keyboards on iPhone devices and other smartphone models, we hear a click sound on every letter and number we touch on the keyboards. These clicking sounds can be heard on many applications (message applications such as whatsapp, Messenger, or on Google search engine, etc.) 

This feature is automatically activated when our devices are installed. We hear this sound when we use our device in loud mood. On the other hand, if we use our device on silent mood, keyboard sounds will be automatically turned off.

Although this feature is liked by some users or is a functional feature for them, some users do not like to hear this keyboard click sound. If you are the type of person who likes to text for hours, this click sound can be really annoying. Personally, I do not like it either.

For this reason, Apple allows iPhone users to completely turn off these keyboard click sounds on their devices. Users can disable this feature off in a practical way from the settings of their devices. If you follow our instructions, whether you use your iPhone in loud, vibrate, or silent mood, the keyboard click sound will always be turned off.

So, where and how to disable this sound? Below, we will show you step by step where and how to turn off keyboard click sounds on iPhone. You can easily disable the keyboard click sounds of your iPhone by following the steps below.

How to Turn off Keyboard Click Sound on iPhone ?

To turn off the keyboard click sound on your iPhone;

1- First, go to ‘Settings‘ on your device.

2- Tap the “Sounds and Haptics” from the options in your device’s settings menu.

3- On the sounds and haptics settings page you will see “Keyboard Clicks“. Scroll down to keyboard clicks and move the slider to off (green to white).

Here you can turn off the keyboard click sound.

Now you can type in peace.

If you want, you can reactivate the keyboard click sound of your device from “sounds and haptics” section by moving the slider back to green. 

In this article, we wanted to show you where and how the keyboard click sound can be turned off on iPhone devices. You can tell us about all your technical questions or problems on the subject in the ‘comments‘ section below. | All about technology..