How to Turn Off WhatsApp Notifications on iPhone?

How to disable WhatsApp notifications on iPhone? How to mute WhatsApp notifications on iPhone? How to customize WhatsApp notifications on iPhone? In this article, we will show you step by step how WhatsApp notifications are turned off on Apple iPhone devices. Here are the details…

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps of today. There are so many things that you can do on WhatsApp such as texting, sending pictures, voice calls, video calls, etc. 

We get instant notifications from some applications when we use our smartphones. When you download an app on your smartphone and allow it to send notifications, you will receive notifications from time to time. Especially if you are in some group chats, sometimes this can be quite annoying. 

This notification feature is also available in the WhatsApp application. Users can receive all messages, calls, images, etc. from the WhatsApp application. Once you receive a message or call from WhatsApp, it will be shown on the home screen of your iPhone.

Notifications provide us convenience and functionality at many points and enable us to get quick information by clicking on the notification. However, sometimes users may not prefer to receive notifications from some applications.

Maybe you are not the type of person who likes to text for hours or you might have some friend who likes to explain something word by word. This is why getting notifications may be disturbing you. 

If you are feeling uncomfortable with the notifications from WhatsApp and want to get rid of notifications, we will show you how the process is done. You can turn off WhatsApp notifications on your iPhone in a practical way at any time from the settings section of your device. 

How to Turn off WhatsApp Notifications on iPhone ?

In order to turn off Whatsapp notifications on iPhone;

1- Go to “Settings” on your iPhone.

2- Tap on the “Notifications” from the options on the Settings page.

3- Then, scroll down and find the “WhatsApp” from the applications list on the notifications page and tap on it.

4- You will see a page that shows the notification settings of the WhatsApp application.

5- In order to turn off WhatsApp notifications from here; Toggle off the “Allow Notifications” bar.

NOTE: When the button is green, the relevant feature is active, and when it looks gray, the relevant feature is off.

Now, you will no longer receive notifications from WhatsApp on your device’s screen. If you want to activate the notification again, you need to apply the same process and toggle on the “Allow Notifications” bar from the same place.

In this article, we wanted to show you how to turn off WhatsApp notifications on your Apple iPhone. You can tell us all your technical questions or problems about the subject in the “comments” section below. | All about technology…