News: Ad-free Video Player for Education Content from YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video platform in today’s digital life. We all love YouTube and watch videos from our favorite channels. Thanks to YouTube, we can access unlimited content on the platform. It is possible to find interesting videos on every topic and it is for free.

However, sometimes YouTube ads can be quite annoying. If you do not have a paid membership on YouTube, you must watch the ads while you are enjoying the video on your favorite channel. Thankfully, YouTube lets you skip the ads after watching them for a few seconds.

When it comes to educational content, pop-up ads can become very distracting. It has been complained by millions of people that at least educational content must be ad-free. Finally, YouTube decided to take action on this topic. It looks like we will be able to watch the educational content without ads on the platform. YouTube will let you watch ad-free videos for educational purposes.

As you know, educational contents offer free or paid courses on YouTube. According to the latest news, YouTube is working on a video player that will be without ads, external links, and suggestions on educational content.

The company says there will be a new video player that will not have YouTube’s recommendation algorithm to avoid distractions on educational content. The ad-free video player will be available on educational content channels such as Google Classroom, EDpuzzle, Purdue Global, and Purdue University.

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