News: Brazil Bans iPhone Sales Without Charger

Since 2020, Apple pulled chargers and earbuds out of the box. iPhone 12 and newer iPhone models do not come with a charger from their box. Apple claims that the company aims to reduce large amounts of carbon emissions, and most iPhone users have already had at least a few adapters in their homes.

Last year, French authorities decided to stop iPhone sales because the box does not include charging adapters. A few months ago, a Brazilian man sued Apple for removing the charging adapters from the box and he won 5.4 million US dollars.

Brazil has suspended sales of iPhones that don’t come with a charger. Ministry of Justice in Brazil also fined Apple 12.275 million Brazilian reais which is equal to almost 3 million US dollars. This order includes the iPhone 12 and new iPhone models. In other words, sales of iPhones are suspended in Brazil until Apple decides to put back charger in the iPhone box.

The local authorities in Brazil say that there is no evidence that selling the iPhones without a charger reduces carbon emissions and provides environmental protections and Apple could find other methods to reduce its environmental impact.

At the beginning of this year, another South American country, Colombia suspended iPhone sales with 5G connectivity, including the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPad models with 5G connectivity.

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