News: Hackers Sent All Taxis to Same Place

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, Russia has been one of the main targets of hacker groups from all over the world. This time the target was the traffic in Russia.

Kutuzovsky street is located in the center of Moscow and it is one of the most crowded places in Russia. Last week, on Thursday Kutuvozsky Avenue, was more crowded than on a typical day. Cars were stuck in traffic jams and it was full of taxis. One video from Moscow showed hundreds of yellow taxis working for Yandex Taxi pulling over the same busy road.

A spokesman of Yandex Taxi said, “Drivers spent around 50 minutes in traffic jams due to fake orders”. Also, he noted “the Algorithm for detecting and preventing such attacks has already been improved to prevent similar incidents in the future”.

The story behind this traffic chaos was a bit surprising. The hacker ordered all the available cabs to Kutuzovsky street, the main avenue in Moscow, Russia. The hacker group hacked the service Yandex Taxi and sent hundreds of taxis to the same location in the center of Moscow which caused massive traffic chaos.

One of the most famous hacker groups, Anonymous claimed credit for the situation. AnonymousTV Twitter account shared a post on Twitter that says “Moscow had a stressful day yesterday”.

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