News: Starlink Would Provide Internet Service to Iran

There have been nationwide protests in Iran due to the death of a 22 years old woman Masha Amini in police custody for wearing “unsuitable attire”. She was arrested in the capital city of Iran, Tehran and her death in police custody caused anger over some problems such as freedom and human rights in the country.

When the protests spread throughout the country, the Tehran regime banned internet access to stop anti-government protests. This has been the biggest nationwide protest in Iran in recent years.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who is also the CEO of SpaceX technologies said last Friday that he would activate the Starlink internet service as the Iran government cracked down the internet access.

The White House issued that the US took action to advance internet freedom and the free flow of information to Iranians despite the US sanctions over Iran’s nuclear program. On the other hand, US Defence Department stated that “anyone who meets the criteria outlined in this general license can proceed with their activities without requesting additional permission.”

If the Biden administration relieved the sanction over the Islamic Republic of Iran, US tech companies could provide communication services such as media apps and video conference software to Iran.

Currently, it is still unknown how and when Starlink will be activated in Iran. But, it looks like Musk is eager to provide free internet services to Iran if the Biden administration allows his company to bypass Iran sanctions.

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