News: Tesla Cars Will Connect to Starlink

Tesla is one of the most popular topics of these years. Tesla and Elon Musk continue to develop new features for Tesla car owners. Starlink and T-Mobile signed a deal to provide mobile connections in the most remote areas in the US.

Tesla cars will soon be able to connect to Starlink’s satellites. Elon Musk shared a post on his personal account that the upcoming second-generation Starlink internet satellites for connections with phones from T-Mobile in the USA. Currently, the service would only be available for customers in the US on the T-Mobile network.

Someone asked on Twitter, “Will Tesla cars get this feature too in the future to connect directly to Starlink satellites for emergency calls and texts?” Musk replied saying “yes”

It will connect to AT&T’s LTE network but it will potentially connect to other operators as well. The new feature will be available for Premium Connectivity subscribers of Tesla which costs only 9.99 dollars per month in the US.

Elon Musk did not give details about how it will work and how they can access it when they are out of the area from terrestrial cellphone towers. Musk stated that Starlink satellites will be able to provide a 2-4 Mbps link to the satellite to cellular coverage. 

Tesla users will only have access to basic features such as texting and calling. It looks like this will not be enough for connectivity features like navigation services and video streaming from the car’s cameras. However, it is still good for communication in emergencies. In other words, Tesla drivers would make emergency texts and calls from in the no phone signal areas.

It is still unknown whether the service will be free or how much T-Mobile will charge the service.

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