News: U.S. Reducing Restrictions on Huawei

A few years ago, Huawei had been one of the biggest smartphone makers in the USA. However, in 2019, The US government blacklisted the Chinese tech giant Huawei on national security grounds. In other words, the Trump administration restricted Huawei by blocking its access to technologies that originate from the US. 

On the other hand, the Chinese tech giant has been persistently denying any allegations of misdemeanor since 2019. Still, Huawei was supplying some smaller operators who rely on the company.

Since Joe Biden was elected as a new president, many people have been hoping that the new government would relax some sanctions on Huawei. According to the latest news, the Biden administration aims to relax some tech sanctions by allowing American companies to participate in sharing technology with blacklist companies such as Huawei.

US Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security issued a rule lifting some low-level technologies to be shared. Alan Estevez who is the Commerce undersecretary for Industry and Security said that “US stakeholders need to be fully engaged in international standards organizations, particularly where the critical but sometimes invisible standards that they set have important national security as well as commercial implications”.

With this news, it seems like we can see the Huawei on Android operating system soon.

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