News: You Can Use Apple’s Dynamic Island on Android

On September 7th of this year, Apple introduced new iPhone models, Apple Watches, and an updated AirPods Pro at the Far Out event. The company also shared the new features that will be available on the iOS 16 update. 

Apple users had great excitement when the Dynamic Island feature was unveiled. The Dynamic Island feature will be available only on the new iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. This feature will surely give a better user experience for iPhone users by making it easier to multitask and view current activities from the top of the screen.

Android developer Jawomo released a copycat version of Dynamic Island. One of the new features of iPhone 14 Pro, Dynamic Island is now available on Android’s Google Play Store. A copycat version of the Dynamic Island appears on the Play Store in the form of an app named “dynamicSpot.”

The app has already been downloaded more than a hundred thousand times on Android’s Google Play Store. Jawomo, the developer of the dynamicSpot wrote in a forum “In Android we have no camera islands, but camera spots/cutouts. So that’s when dynamicSpot was born,”

The dynamicSpot is still in beta version that offers some different experiences on the top of their Android phone’s screen. It now has playback control for songs, battery status, and a timer. However, the developer of the app announces that the new features will be available soon for Android smartphone users.

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