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Ethos Netflix

When Will the New Episodes of Ethos be Released?

Ethos is one of the most popular Turkish series on Netflix. Since it was released on Neflix, the series took the attention of audiences from all over the world. Since it was released, many people have been searching for the answer to these questions when are the new episodes of Ethos coming out? Who will be in the cast of the second season? What will happen in the next episodes of Ethos? Will there be a new season of Ethos? Here are the details for you…

Especially in South America, Ethos has become one of the most-watched series in Latin America. It was released on 12 November 2020 with 8 episodes. The Ethos was produced by Ali Farkhonde and Nisan Ceren Gocen. The cast of the series includes successful actors and actresses such Oyku Karayel, Funda Eryigit, Tulin Ozen, Fatih Artman, Defne Kayalar, Settar Tanriogen, and Alican Yucesoy.

Ethos is a Turkish drama tv series released on Netflix Turkey. The original name of the series is “Bir Baskadir”. The series directed by Berkun Oya. In the Ethos, we see a group of people living in Istanbul who come from completely different socio-cultural backgrounds. These unique characters in the show meet in startling circumstances.

Oyku Karayel portrays the character of Meryem in the series. Meryem is the main character of the Ethos. Meryem is a hijabi young woman living in a conservative family. She works as a part-time cleaner and she has health problems such as having fainting spells. In the series, we see characters from different socio-cultural backgrounds of Turkey.

Recently, the Ethos won the “Digital Platform Series of the Year” award while Oyku Karayel received the “The Best Digital Platform Actress of the year” award. The beautiful and successful actress Oyku Karayel talked to the journalist after receiving the award and she said: “Ethos was one of the most special projects of my acting career and I feel very happy to receive this award as a feedback for our success”.

There has been no official statement by Netflix on whether there will be a new season or not. However, it looks like the new episodes of Ethos are not coming out. Oyku answered the question “If there will be a new season of the series” and she said, “I am not so sure but we do not have any continuation information for now”. | All about technology…