Who is Berguzar Korel ? [Biography and Facts]

Berguzar Korel is 40 years old, famous, and beautiful Turkish actress. She was born on 27 August 1982, in Istanbul, Turkey. Korel was born as the daughter of Hulya Darcan and Tanju Korel couple. She has long dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her weight is 65 kgs and her height is 1.79 cm.

Her zodiac sign is Virgo. She is married and she has three children, Ali, Han, and Leyla. Korel’s family origins come from Cretan Turks and Rumelian Turks. She used to be a semi-professional volleyball player in her high school years. Besides playing volleyball, she loves ice skating, windsurfing, dancing, and playing piano.

She graduated from the Theatre department of the Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul. In the first years of her acting career, she had small roles in short films and many plays. Until 2006, she has never acted in high-profile projects.

In 2006, beautiful actress made a big debut portraying Leyla in the movie form of the famous Turkish tv series Kurtlar Vadisi: Irak and (Valley of the Wolves: Iraq). She came to wide recognition after the Leyla role in the film.

After that, she became famous not only in Turkey but also in Balkan countries and Middle Eastern countries with the Sehrazat Evliyaoglu role in the tv series called Binbir Gece. It has become one of the most watched tv series of all time in Turkey. 

Thanks to Binbir Gece (1001 Nights), Korel got more recognition in the show industry. Korel won multiple awards including Golden Lion Award for Best Drama Series Actress for her role in Binber Gece. 

In August 2009, she married famous Turkish actor Halit Ergenç, who was sharing the leading role with Berguzar Korel in Binbir Gece. The successful couple had their first child in February 2010. After having the first child, she decided to give a break in her acting career. Korel came back to tv screens with a guest role of Monica Terresa in the Muhtesem Yuzyil tv series in 2012. 

After that, she starred as Feride Sadoglu with famous Turkish actor Kenan Imirzalioglu in the popular tv series Karadayi. With this role, she won “The Best Actress Award” at the Golden Butterfly Awards in 2013.

Korel’s Films and Tv Series

  • Kurtlar Vadisi Iraq (Valley of the Wolves: Iraq), 2006
  • Binbir Gece (1001 Nights), 2006-2009
  • Ask Geliyorum Demez, 2009
  • Muhtesem Yuzyil (Magnificent Century), 2011
  • Karadayi, 2012
  • Vatanim Sensin (Wounded Love), 2016-2017
  • Bir Ask Iki Hayat, 2019

Social Media Accounts

The beautiful actress does not have a Twitter account but she uses Instagram very often. Currently, she has more than 2.3 million followers on Instagram.


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