Who is Bob Odenkirk? [Biography and Facts]

Bob Odenkirk is an American actor, filmmaker, writer, director, and comedian. Odenkirk is best known for his role as the crooked lawyer Saul Goodman on the AMC crime drama series Breaking Bad and its spin-off Better Call Saul. He is 59 years old. He was born on October 22, 1963, in Berwyn, Illinois, USA.

The famous actor Bob Odenkirk is 1.75 tall, 78 kg, and has blue eyes. He was born as the child of Barbara Odenkirk (mother) and Walter Odenkirk (father), Bob Odenkirk is the second of seven siblings born from this marriage.

His family is Roman Catholics of German, Irish and Scottish descent. His father owns a printing company. His younger brother Bill Odenkirk is also a comedy writer.

 It is also known that Bob Odenkirk’s father was an alcoholic. In fact, it is estimated that this situation was the reason for the end of the marriage of the Barbara & Walter couple. That is why Bob always tries to stay away from alcohol in his life.

Bob Odenkirk has spent his childhood years in Milwaukee, USA. The actor continued his education at Naperville North High School and Marquette University.

Bob later transferred to Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. Odenkirk began his comedy career as a radio DJ at college. He worked there as a radio DJ and wrote “Prime Time Special”, a nighttime comedy series broadcast on the university radio channel.

Bob Odenkirk continued to stand-up comedy for a few years right after graduating, after the experience he received here. Soon after, he became friends with Robert Smigel, who helped him become a writer for ‘Saturday Night Live’ in 1987.

Bob Odenkirk took the first step in his career as an actor, comedian, and writer. The actor wrote for the comedy “Saturday Night Live” between 1987-1991. Right after this production, Odenkirk wrote the productions of “The Stiller Show” between 1992-1993.

He got married to “Naomi Yomtov” in 1996. In those days, he was at the beginning of his career and everything was going well. The actor had two children from this marriage.

The famous actor continued to add new experiences to his career every year and directed the movie “Melvin Goes to Dinner” in 2003. The famous actor also acted in the role of “Keith” in this movie.

This movie, which is a very successful production, won many awards, especially the “Phoenix Film Festival Award for Best Film”.

Even though the famous actor has signed many successful productions such as “Melvin Goes to Dinner” and others throughout his career, he took part in a production that will make him known all over the world in 2008. This production was the famous AMC crime drama television series called “Breaking Bad”, which attracts a lot of attention all over the world and is known as one of the best tv series ever by many people.

Bob Odenkirk starred as “Saul Goodman”, a crooked lawyer in the television series “Breaking Bad”. The actor has been nominated for many awards for his outstanding performance in this production.

Today, Odenkirk continues his career at full speed with many productions. One of the ongoing productions in which the actor took the leading role in the television series “Better Call Saul“.

Better Call Saul is an American crime & drama television series on AMC on February 8, 2015. The series was produced by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould. Better Call Saul is an AMC crime drama series, a spin-off series of “Breaking Bad”.

Some Popular Series and Movies Starring Bob Odenkirk:

Breaking Bad, Fargo, Better Call Saul, The Post, Nobody, Dolemite Is My Name, Little Women, Incredibles 2, Melvin Goes to Dinner, I am Chris Farley, Boulevard, Nebraska, How I Met Your Mother, …

Social Media Accounts of Bob Odenkirk;

Twitter: @mrbobodenkirk

The famous comedy actor uses his Twitter account very actively. The actor has nearly 1 million followers on Twitter.

Instagram: @therealbobodenkirk

The actor often shares pictures from his personal life, especially his business life, on Instagram. The actor, who has a fairly large fan base, has over 500 thousand followers on Instagram.

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