Who is Tarkan?
Who is Tarkan?

Who is Tarkan? [Biography and Facts]

Tarkan is a Turkish songwriter and singer known as a megastar in Turkey. His full name is Tarkan Tevetoglu. He was born on 17 October 1972 in Alzey, Germany. Tarkan is the fifth child of the Tevetoglu family. He was interested in music since his childhood. He was raised in Germany until 1986, his family decided to move to Turkey when Tarkan was 14 years old. 

After moving to Turkey with his family, Tarkan went to Karamursel high school in Kocaeli and he started to take music lessons at school. After he graduated from high school, he went to study Turkish Classical Music in Istanbul. During those years, Tarkan performed in various places in Istanbul. 

Tarkan Tevetoglu met Mehmet Sogutoglu, who is the owner of Istanbul Record Company and Tarkan released his first album “Yine Sensiz” in 1992. The lead single of the album was “Kil Oldum”. After two years, the megastar released his second album “Acayipsin” in late 1994. His fame was spreading throughout the country with the second album. 

In 1998, Tarkan’s third album “Olurum Sana” was released and some songs in this album such as “Simarik” and “Sikidim” became one of the most popular songs of the year. 1998 was a breakthrough year for Tarkan’s career because he started to become popular not only in Turkey, but also in Europe, West Asia, and the Middle East. That year, he made a concert tour to Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Portugal, Australia, Morocco, and Tunisia. Tarkan is known as the “Prince of the Bosporus” outside his home country. 

At the end of 1998, Tarkan made a new contract with Universal Music Company and released a compilation album that helped him receive several awards in several countries. After three years, Tarkan released the fourth album and made music videos for “Kuzu Kuzu”, and “Verme”. In 2003, the megastar shared his new album “Dudu” that has hit many sales records and became popular in many countries, even in Latin America. 

In 2006, Tarkan released his first English album “Come Closer”, with the lead songs “Start the Fire” and “Bounce”. His last album “Ahde Vefa” was released in 2016 and it was Tarkan’s ninth album. 

Tarkan’s albums sold over 15 million copies and he has received four Turkey Music Awards, six Golden Butterfly Awards, one World Music Award and so many other awards throughout his career. Tarkan is not only famous for his music, but also his social projects. He has participated in many social projects such as animal rights, global warming, environmental awareness, and education of poor children.

Tarkan married Pinar Dilek Tevetoglu on 29 April 2016 and the couple has 1 child. His wife was just one of his fans and in 2011, they met at a concert in Germany. Press does not know much about Tarkan’s personal life because he prefers to stay away from the public and he does not go out much. He speaks fluent English and German.


  • Kral TV Music Awards
  • Golden Butterfly Awards
  • MGD Golden Objective Awards
  • World Music Award
  • Record Fair Midem


  • Yine Sensiz, 1992
  • Aacayipsin, 1994
  • Olurum Sana, 1997
  • Karma, 2001
  • Come Closer, 2006
  • Metamorfoz, 2007
  • Adımı Kalbine Yaz, 2010
  • Ahde Vefa, 2016

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