Who is Tuba Buyukustun? [Biography and Facts]

Tuba Buyukustun is a beautiful and successful Turkish actress and model. She is mostly known for her roles in tv series. Tugba has received several national and international awards 

She was born on July 5 in Istanbul, Turkey in 1982. Her parents are Turkish immigrants who moved to Erzurum from Crimea during the Ottoman Empire. She graduated from the costume and design department at the Mimar Sinan University of the Fine Arts in 2004. During her university years, she took part in several commercials.

A few months after graduation, she made a big debut in her acting career by portraying the Zarife role in the popular Turkish tv series “Cemberimde Gul Oya”. It was a big first step and an important experience for her acting career.

After that, she had a leading role in the movie called “Gulizar”. This movie helped Tugba to spread her talent in the international area. She won the Best Actress award for this movie in Serbia and Montenegro International Tv Festival.

Next year, she portrayed the character of Filiz in the popular Turkish tv series “Ihlamurlar Altinda”. The tv series, Ihlamurlar Altında became one of the most watched Tv series in the Middle East. Thanks to Filiz character in the series, Tugba Buyukustun had a wide range of fans in Middle Eastern countries.

In 2007, Tuba starred in another successful tv series “Asi” which was later nominated for the “Best Soap Opera” award at the “51 Monte Carlo Television Festival”. Tuba was already one of the most successful actresses in Turkey. During those years, she took part in many commercials and she continued her captivating performances in different movies and tv series.

In 2013, the beautiful and successful actress was nominated for to “Best Actress” award at the “42 International Emmy Awards”, making her the first Turkish nominee at Emmy Awards. Also, she is an ambassador in “UNICEF National Goodwill Ambassador” and works on children’s rights projects.

She is married to Onur Saylak who was sharing the leading role with Tuba in the tv series Asi and Gonulcelen tv series. The successful couple had twins Maya and Toprak in 2012 after one year after the marriage.

Movies and Tv Series :

  • Cemberimde Gul Oya, Tv series, 2004
  • Ihlamurlar Altinda, Tv series, 2005-2007
  • Sinav, Movie, 2006
  • Asi, Tv series, 2007-2009
  • Yuregine Sor, Movie, 2010
  • Gonulcelen, Tv series, 2010-2011
  • Kara Para Ask, Tv series, 2014-2015
  • Orman, Movie, 2015
  • Dar Elbise, Movie, 2015
  • Ruzgarin Hatiralari, Movie, 2015
  • Cesur ve Guzel, Tv series, 2016-2017
  • Daha, Movie, 2017
  • Rise of Empires: Ottoman, Tv series, 2020
  • Menajerimi Ara, Tv series, 2020
  • Sefirin Kızı, Tv series, 2021

Social Media Accounts :

Tuba Buyukustun does not have a Twitter account. She uses her Instagram account very often. Currently, she has over 6 million followers on Instagram

Instagram: @tubabustun.official

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